Monday, February 9, 2009

Running the Race Together

Hello All -- Welcome to the first post of my blog!

hm... that sounds so official, and completely unlike me, let me start over.

I hope this blog finds you resting in or struggling to find God's grace and peace - because it is only in Him that we will find real rest, real peace, and real grace - even among (and through) all the suffering and pain in the world.

(What a weird way to start a blog you might say)

Perhaps it is... I am a very strange person :)

I would like to take this first blog to state clearly what my intention is for this blog. I used to have one previously that just stated my day, what was happening, and what God was doing. However, this is not a daily blog to just state what is happening in Meggie's life (that's what the phone and email is for :) ), but to hopefully share what God has been speaking to me recently. I am VERY introspective, and have a very hard time explaining my feelings and thought processes on God - and I felt this would be a good way to start growing. I have recently realized that I need to practice articulation. (Don't worry, I will not constantly be talking about everything that is going through my mind :) I will practice discernment as well ;) ) . Also, please FEEL FREE to respond to any/all of the postings. We are all on a journey, and I long to share with you my struggles and questions, hoping that God doesn't use it for my glory, but for His, and that perhaps, it will either trigger a question or desire to know God more, or perhaps confirm something He has taught you. He is constantly making me through His grace, so I do not and never will have all the answers. Even if no one reads this blog, it is a way for me to see God's work in not only my life, but those around me - that His name may be glorified and praised. Only our Father and His word is faultless.

You may also find this post specifically oddly worded and a little confusing. Those who know me, know how hard it is for me to communicate thoughts well, and I hope to grow in this as time goes on, that God helps me learn how to clarify my mind in my speech :)
(this is also a good way for me to work on my grammar, that so desperately needs help)

I hope the name of my blog states the purpose well. It is a race we all are running. Notice the relationship - it is not just about ME or YOU, it is about WE the people of God, running the race of Righteousness. It has already been marked - so let us put our eyes on the finish line, the eyes on our Heavenly Father, Our Saviour, our Creator, and RUN WITH ALL OUR MIGHT - TOGETHER - UNIFIED - Fighting for Him who deserves all praise, honour, and glory. I love what I heard once, which is - God does not NEED any of us. AT ALL. But He wants us. He so desperately loves and wants us to be in His presence. He gave his life - the ultimate gift, so that we could run this race. How marvelous. How wonderful. HOW BEAUTIFUL is His everlasting love and faithfulness. He is constantly there to help us on this race, giving us EVERYTHING that is needed. As it says in Hebrews, the AUTHOR and FINISHER. We cannot finish this race on our own, it is His race.

Recently, I have been struggling with just wanting the race to end. Wanting to give up because of the pain and the burden of life. But my focus was on the initial speed of my progress, but I overlooked one far greater factor of successful athletic competition: consistency. We may start out in the front lines, leading, but if our progress is not consistent -- if we become entangled with the affairs of this life (2 Tim 2:4; Gal 5:1) -- we will fall back as we weary with the stress of the race. I was letting baggage lay heavily on me. A few months ago, I didn't want to run anymore, all I saw was the immediate struggle and exhaustion. But as I sat there, on the track, crying out in pain, God came, lifted me up, took on my baggage, and in the way only He could, whispered to me His glorious words of hope.

So I do pray that God gives you peace, and that you are resting in His grace and will. BUT, know that one can still rest amid suffering and pain. In fact, I will say that those times of suffering and pain are NECESSARY. That is when we truly start seeing who God is and who we are not. We see what Grace means and what faithfulness looks like. It is when we grow. It is how I feel so completely in love and in awe of my Saviour, my Saving grace. It is how I knew what it meant to have Him living inside of me, through the Holy Spirit guiding me. It is how I learned to pray. So "Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing." (James 1:2-4) Only by running the race will we find the finish line, only at the finish line will we know the FULL presence of God. But, let's run together, in unity - helping, encouraging, and loving one another and those around us, just as God loves us.


  1. Welcome to the party, my friend. I'm glad to have you among our illustrious (?) number. In all seriousness, I'm looking forward to seeing what God is teaching you and learning from your thoughts.

  2. Beautiful blog! Can't wait to read more... I'd love for you to visit mine too from time to time. It's Love you!

    ~Jen G

    PS - we still need our phone date!