Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Point of No Return

Hello my dearest friends.

It has been just over four years since my last post, and as I read through, I am astounded at what God has done and continues to do. To the naked eye it may not look like much in the way of success, but it has brought me to a very important point in my life, a point of no return.

This one will be brief and short, as I wish to make this simple, statement.

I want to be so transformed by God's grace and love, that HIS motions become my reality, my truth, and my norm. From this day forward I want to shed my views of the world and adopt God's vision. God's truth is my reality, everything else is a lie. I want a healed heart, a renewed mind, and a courageous act of love to be expected in His presence. I will not allow my faith and Spirit to be so watered down that people see anything less than a new creation. I am not aiming to be sweet and kind, I will be so moved by His grace, so changed, that what overflows has to be poured and shared with those around me. I was made for another world and I want to live in the truth of His reality. Soli Deo Gloria.

I posted this on Facebook months ago, and since I first uttered that statement, I have been noticing this reality infiltrating not only my life, but my entire being.

So my friends, I have decided to awaken this blog not to make a point, but to document a journey that I so clearly see God starting in my life. For years I have studied as much theology as I felt was possible, listened to thousands of sermons, read book after book, cried, prayed, even yelled at times for God to make Himself known to me. But dears, He doesn't come in a thunder cloud. He doesn't come in a loud bang with a flashing light. He comes in a holy, pure, cleansing whisper. AND IT'S REAL.

You are so deeply loved. More than you ever know. I speak not to those who have their act together, but those who are struggling. The questions you have are beautiful,  because as all truth points to God, your questions will point to joy, healing, and peace. Yes, peace that truly surpasses all understanding. You don't have to believe me, but I would love to have you join me in this journey as I seek to unfold even more of His incredible love. You are important. You are valued. You are gifted. You are created to be full of joy. You do have a beautiful, wonderful purpose, friend. You were created to look at pain and struggles as a beautiful moment of going more deeply in God's loving presence. It is REAL! This is the point of no return for me. I do not always understand Him, but I believe that what is written is not only real, but is alive, moving, and present with us here today. We can be healed of our struggles in sin. We can live a life of joy EVERYDAY. We can love our enemies from simply an overflow of what He has done for us. The words we read become alive. They begin to make sense.

I'm so excited to see and hear what He is doing in you as well because please know that from the sincerest place in my heart, I have no desire in this to try to convict or convince anyone. But I have realized in the recent years that God has begun to answer the deepest questions in my heart, and I just wish to share and acknowledge my honest, open experience in His love and grace. Know I post nothing to gain attention, readers, or introduce drama. Everything here will be genuine and real. Because of this the content might sometimes feel raw, and questions may go unanswered... but I welcome you in this honest and authentic adventure.

Imperfection is welcome here, questions are welcome here, hurt, confusion, and anger is welcome here... because I truly believe that we are met where we are, and that nothing, NOTHING can separate us from our loving Father. Nothing. All are welcome, because all are loved.

Love you my friends!!

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  1. lovely!
    im inspired and encouraged and refreshed. thank you Meggie